Day diving from Phuket

We are offer the best choice of scuba diving and day trip adventures. We have our own private speedboat and can also make use of the bigger use charter boats which allows you to have a greater choice of destinations and greater flexibility for your scheduling. 

Most day trip boats leave from Chalong Pier which is to the south of the island and is about 25 minute minibus ride from Patong. Day trips are usually conducted in one of two directions, Racha Yai and Racha Noi to the south and Koh Doc Mai (KDM), Shark Point (SP), Anemone Reef (AR), King Cruiser (KC) and the Phi Phi Islands to the east.

Our speedboat holds 6 divers and 2 staff and it is the closest you will get to private scuba diving in Phuket.

Here in Phuket we do multiple dives each day from the dive boats, these are referred to as Day Trips.

There are many reasons why Phuket is world famous for scuba diving. We have such a superb variety of marine life here, and an almost unrivaled diversity of dive sites - from shore dives, to fringing coral reefs, limestone walls, harbouring the rarest of macro species, granite boulder sites, coral gardens - the diving day trips Phuket has to offer keep divers coming back year after year, to dive the same sites again and again.

We've taken our pick of the best diving day trip boats available in Phuket, and we will only take you on the best. For a boat to be included in our itinerary they must reach our exacting standards for safety, equipment, facilities on board, professional dive guides, and of course good food and a great atmosphere!

The prices include diving under supervision of a professional DM, transfer to the boat, meals, fruit, drinking water, weights and tanks. We have soft drinks on board to buy as well as beer (after last dive!). Diver to guide ratios are 4:1 on all of our boats. If you would prefer a more relaxed experience, or you just don't like diving with strangers, we can always provide you with a private guide for a modest fee.

Nitrox is available on every boat, starting at 200 Baht per tank. And we can provide other items such as cameras, torches, compasses or dive computers. 

Children are welcome on board, at discounted rates (or free, depending on their age).

Create your own itinerary with one of our private diving day charters. We can take mixed groups of divers and snorkelers by speedboat to Phi Phi and the world-famous Similan Islands.

Welcome on board!

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