Dive-tours in Thailand, Phuket Island - the best diving experience is just a few clicks away!

Where is the best diving in the world? There is only one answer to this question – it is definitely around Phuket Island (Thailand). Only here willyou find the best dive sites on earth! If you wish to explore the wonders of underwater world, to see all its forms, then diving in Phuket is your choice! In addition, it is easy to arrange your dive tour with “World Ocean Trip”!

We invite you to the brightest and most unforgettable dive tours which will offer you truly memorable dives whether you are a new or an experienced diver. We are ready to show you a unique world of Andaman sea and, if necessary, our experienced instructors will teach you to dive!

“World Ocean Trip” club will show you all the wonders of Phuket! Here you can dive into  a fascinating underwater universe, get to know other recreational divers, and also observe superior sceneries of Andaman sea.

Diving in Thailand is an amazing world of breathtaking underwater vegetation, white sandy beaches, rainforests and ultimate waterfalls. It is not surprising that famous divers from around the globe often choose tours to these dive sites - their hearts belong to this magical place.

Our diving tours will direct you to the most famous and rewarding dive sites of Thailand. Indeed, Thailand is a superior diving location in the South-East Asian coast and in the whole world as well! Diving here includes an unlimited number of dives, ideal easy location for new divers as well as unforgettable experiences for veterans of the sport. Only in Thailand can you find scenic Similan Islands, magnificent Richelieu Rock (on the border with Burma) and admire:

  • Magnificent Whale and Leopard sharks,
  • Unique octopi and cuttlefish (many of them can only be found in Thailand)
  • Breathtaking soft corals
  • Colorful tropical fish and sea turtles
  • Glorious relief of the sea which makes Phuket famous, and supernaturally beautiful coral reefs

Tour in Thailand will definitely give you the most inspiring diving experience: a chance to find hidden burrows of moray eels, to meet colonies of stunning manta rays and to see the most exotic inhabitants of the local underworld. Just choose diving tours in Phuket with us, and you’ll be amazed by the beauty and diversity of nature in all its manifestations - you’ll become a part of its delightful world. And, of course, since our dive tours give you unforgettable recreational experience of journeys to the best places in the world, don’t be surprised if you decide to stay here forever!

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