Diving equipment for sale in Phuket

If you are interested in purchasing diving equipment prior to your trip, don’t rush! You can always do it right on the spot if you are traveling to Phuket Island. You can ask – why Thailand?

It’s easy: South East Asia has always been a place with most affordable prices, and you’ll be surprised if you compare them. In local dive shops which sell diving equipment, it is possible to purchase equipment for 20%-30% cheaper than in owersea.

World Ocean Trip cooperates with the largest chain of shops that sell diving equipment on Phuket Island – Dive Supply. And if you are looking for equipment of world famous brands, high level of customer service, and a great ratio of quality to price, then you definitely need to visit one of these shops.

Dive Supply is an exclusive distributor of the best manufacturers in South-East Asia. You can purchase equipment of such brands as Scubapro, Suunto, Seac Sub, Pelican, Saekodive, Bauer, Luxfer, OMS, Snap Sights, Deep Blue, Mares, Ocean Dynamics, Atomic, Aqualung, Uwatec, Ralf Tech, Sea Quest.Магазин снаряжения для подводного плавания

Dive club World Ocean Tour in cooperation with Dive Supply developed a special discount and bonus system for its clients. During scuba diving courses, our instructors will be happy to consult you regarding all types of equipment and will help you to choose the best combination depending on your needs and budget. 

Please find a 2016 Catalog which has no analogues and is a main distributor of PADI materials in Thailand. Here is the link for downloading PRICES for 2016 Catalog.

We hope that you’ve already changed your mind about  shopping for equipment in your country or online. When you arrive to Phuket, you’ll have plenty of time and opportunities to visit one of “Dive Supply” shops where you can buy whatever you like.

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