Video shooting

Our team has many professional photo and video operators who are ready to film your underwater adventure or sightseeing journey. We use professional video equipment for the best quality of NTSC video. You can pick up either raw video material or an edited film.

The best moments of your vacation will continue to make you and your friends happy for many years to come.
You can find some of our footage in our gallery.

Our videographers:


Phone number: +66 8 3636 3553


Phone number: +66 8 7363 0097
Skype: Rodina_Elena

List of services Type of video shooting Price
Diving-video On board and underwater 10 000
Fishing-video On board 10 000
Excursion-video 1-day filming 10 000
HD-quality filming With one camera 32 000
HD-quality filming With two cameras 49 000

What’s included in price:
Filming, editing, addition of music, master-DVD production, delivery within Phuket.

What’s included in HD-quality price:
Filming with professional camera, editing, custom cover, addition of music, color correction, retouching, master-DVD production, delivery within Phuket.

What’s not included in price:

  • Transfer of video operator outside of Phuket
  • Similan Islands National Marine Park entrance fees are 400 THB + 200 THB/day per diver
  • Subtitles, special effects, narration: 550 THB per minute

Amphibico underwater filming equipment: Dive Buddy, Endeavor, Phenom FXZ.Оборудование для подводной съемки, дайверское снаряжение.

Cameras Sony: HDR-SR12E, HVR-Z1E, HVR-V1E
Дайверская видеосъемка, оборудование для подводной видеосъемки.

Retouching: Final Cut Pro (Macintosh)

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